Celine Beurle

Celine Beurle, Chief Operating Officer - Future iQ Partners

Celine Beurle

Celine Beurle is Chief Operating Officer for Future iQ, and is Managing Director of Future iQ’s European company.

Celine grew up in Sussex, England and studied at Warwick University, before completing her Masters degree at University College Cork, Ireland. With an impressive academic background in Sociology and Philosophy, Celine is passionate about understanding society and this has led to her ongoing interest in pursuing societal change. She has drawn upon her research background, to write policy and scientific papers. She was sole Policy writer for a key area, for the Green Party in Ireland, and was successful in having it subsequently included in the national policy platform, when the party went into government.

With a background in project management, Celine brings many years of experience in leading a company. Celine was previously the Executive Director of a company that provided specialised employment services in Ireland. She improved the company’s performance through expansion of offices, performance management and extensive public relations and marketing, turning it into the highest achieving company of its type in Ireland.

Drawing upon her life long passion to instigate change, Celine has led many major projects and initiatives within her career, and is passionate about helping to create powerful and effective future strategies for communities and organisations.