Paolo Santinello

Paolo Santinello, Klink - Strategic Partner

Paolo Santinello

Paolo joined Klink when the firm was founded in 2005, taking the responsibility of keeping the company at the forefront of innovation, developing methods, services and products that added real value to customers. Paolo is now engaged in the implementation of Future iQ tools in key projects, and fostering the mainstreaming of the Future Intelligence approach within the framework of European development strategies. Paolo has extensive experience in industrial and information management and has held senior roles in national sales, marketing, and project management across Europe.

Cultivating and practicing systems analysis and systems thinking, Paolo developed a good ability to discover underlying patterns that may add important new facts when analysing complex settings. He also likes to link knowledge from different disciplines to create novel solutions by combination.

Paolo’s research interests today focus on modeling, simulation and gamification methodologies to investigate some processes related to decision making and how people generate options under uncertainty. Prior to joining Klink, Paolo worked for ten years as business development manager at the knowledge engineering company Kiosco, where he elaborated several methods, including effective proposal engineering and knowledge elicitation techniques.

Past organisations Paolo has worked with include Galileo and Tektonix. Paolo started his career in the instrumentation and controls electronics field as a researcher and system engineer working in leading edge projects in several countries.