Foresight Research

Future iQ specialises in future oriented research. We try to understand how key emerging macro trends might combine to amplify changes that impact us in our daily lives and professional interests. Sometimes these trends can accelerate beneficial change, and sometimes they can threaten to leave people and industries behind. In a time of accelerated change and disruption, preparing and planning for the future is now more important than ever before.

Future iQ seeks to cultivate and create our collective ‘future intelligence’.

This is the foundation of being able to peer further into the future to help our decision making. At a simple level, we explore the future by examining and extrapolating historical and current trends. However, the more important challenge is knowing how to anticipate disruptive developments, such as the rapid adoption of automation, shifting societal values, or the different impacts of a dramatically changing climate. The next level of challenge is to more accurately predict what the future might look like and prepare for the consequences.  We cannot know with certainty what will happen next, but we are able to explore possible future pathways and scenarios. Through our foresight research and scenario planning methodology, Future iQ gathers the collective intelligence from across diverse perspectives to help better understand future options.

Future iQ has undertaken numerous in-depth foresight research projects. We apply this foresight into practical scenario-based strategic planning processes for our clients.

Recent Future iQ Foresight Research Reports

Future of Manufacturing - Future iQ - Report Cover