Agriparco Montespertoli, Tuscany, Italy (2014)

Agriparco Montespertoli, Tuscany, Italy (2014)

Scenario Planning for food and wine producers in Tuscany, Italy

Project Overview

Montespertoli is a municipality in the province of Florence in the Tuscany region of Italy. In 2014, scenario planning was carried out to ascertain the local population’s views of the future for their region including the implementation of an Agricultural Park within a larger perspective.
The Agricultural Park would be seen as an instrument to guide companies towards crop diversification, increasing the multifunctional role of local agriculture to a spread of agricultural practices with less environmental impact. It would also be an innovative project aimed at creating a network of local farmers.
This would build cohesion and connectivity with regards to sharing knowledge and working together for the benefit of the region and themselves, in terms of wine and olive oil exports and other mutually beneficial areas. This project was a collaboration between Future iQ and Italian strategic partners, Klink.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Detailed survey work carried out prior to the workshop with participants
  • Background research into the region and challenges being experienced
  • Design and facilitation of Scenario Planning workshop with local artisans, wine makers, olive oil producers, farmers and agronomists.
  • Production of Scenario Planning Report in English and Italian
  • Production of videos and interviews with main stakeholders in Italian
  • Production of the Action Plan in Italian
Attendees in the scenario planning session. Scenario planning workshop The gates of the Agricultural Park Team members in the scenario planning workshop.

Additional Resources and More Information