Building a Community Vision for the City of Wayzata

Project Overview

Wayzata is a historic community of approximately 4,000 residents just 11 miles straight West of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. It is located on beautiful Lake Minnetonka with an expansive shoreline, dazzling water recreation opportunities and quiet secluded bays. Wayzata is home to a vibrant business community that hosts many visitors and includes extensive boutique shopping, high-quality restaurants and a variety of housing options. The community also enjoys an extensive trail system, beautiful gardens, parks and recreation centers. The City has engaged Future iQ to assist in the development of a new Community Vision for the City that builds on their recent Lake Effect project and creates clear city-wide priorities for the future. The visioning process will involve extensive community and stakeholder engagement and a scenario-based planning methodology that will help the community to look forward to the year 2040. The intent is for the resulting vision and priorities to be innovative, inclusive and sustainable and to provide a roadmap to guide and inform Wayzata’s upcoming comprehensive planning process in 2018.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    • Background research on key tasks and studies including Benchmarking the City with similar cities and towns across the country
    • A communication plan for the project
    • Facilitation of the scenario-based Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead Future Think-Tank Workshop
    • Extensive targeted community and stakeholder engagement
    • Pre-and Post Think-Tank community and stakeholder surveys to include as many community members as possible
    • Thorough detailed data analysis and visualization and the production of a Community Engagement Report
    • Validation of the community vision framework with a reconvening of the Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead Future Think-Tank participants
    • Production of a strategic vision framework and the Wayzata 2040, Sailing Ahead Community Vision Report

Additional Resources and More Information

Project Videos

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