Coppell Vision 2040, USA (2018)

Coppell Vision 2040, USA (2018)

Creating an inclusive vision and strategic roadmap for the community of Coppell

Project Overview

Coppell is a city is a suburb of Dallas, Texas. It is a bedroom community in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. It is made up of a population of approximately 42,000 residents.

Coppell has undergone many changes over the past decade that have altered the environment. The city is rapidly approaching build-out and will be facing challenges associated with the redevelopment of existing spaces to accommodate future growth. Community demographics are changing in ways that are both typical of other communities and unique to Coppell. Like many communities, residents are aging and looking for ways to stay engaged within the community. The City is heavily investing in succession planning and leadership development to ensure that the next generation of leaders can build upon the foundation of the existing culture of service and excellence.

It is against this backdrop that the planning for the future of Coppell is taking place. The Coppell Vision 2040 Plan initiative is a large-scale community visioning initiative that will ultimately create the Vision 2040 Strategic Plan.

Central to the initiative is in-depth community engagement including scenario planning. There is a strong emphasis on transparency, diversity and inclusivity within the project. This is also a data driven process, with all community engagement backed up by the data produced through all of the sessions.

The Vision 2040 initiative aims to provide a response to the following questions:

  • What should the City of Coppell become?
  • How will community preferences fit into this vision?
  • How does the City of Coppell ensure that planning for the future will incorporate values and quality of life issues for all community members served?
  • How should public funds be invested and leveraged to improve the City?

The initiative is enabling stakeholders and community members to come together to plan for the future of Coppell. This will lead to the clarification of priorities and actions that will define a clear road map for the Strategic Plan.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ was contracted by the City of Coppell to plan, design and conduct the Coppell Vision 2040 initiative in 2018. Work will include:

    • Background research on urban and city trends including Benchmarking the Town against similar Towns and Cities
    • A communication plan for the project
    • Facilitating the scenario-based Coppell Vision 2040 Future Think-Tank
    • Extensive community and stakeholder engagement through 20-25 workshops
    • Detailed data analysis and visualization methods
    • Production of a strategic road map and detailed implementation plan that will provide for measurable progress

Additional Resources and More Information

Learn more about this Project. Visit the Future iQ Research Laboratory.