Future Makers (2012-2015)

Future Makers (2012-2015)

Influential thought leaders’ views of the future

Project Overview

Future iQ has developed a series of foresight research publications and documentary interviews which aim to share insights about the future. Part of this body of work is our Future Makers interview series from people who are shaping the future. These ‘Future Makers’ are people who are influencing thinking and actions to address the challenges and opportunities in today’s world. The Future Maker series was launched in October 2012, when Future iQ held a Global Consultation entitled ‘Building Sustainable Regional Communities in Today’s World at St George’s House, Windsor Castle, UK. This interview series is complemented by the foresight work conducted by Future iQ, which includes ‘Cities of the Future’; ‘Future of Food’; and the ‘Future of Manufacturing’.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ produces short interviews. To date, the following Future Makers interview topics have included:

    • The Launch of the Future Makers series
    • The Future of Education
    • Challenges of the Future
    • Shaping the Future
    • The Future of the Netherlands
    • The Future of Europe
    • The Evolution of Agriculture in Tuscany