Future of Agriculture, Western Australia (2019-2020)

Future of Agriculture, Western Australia (2019-2020)

Exploring future scenarios for the Western Australian food and agricultural industries

Project Overview

The Australian Institute of Agriculture is a professional association of Agricultural Scientists and other industry leaders. Future iQ partnered with the Institute to host a Think-Tank in Perth Western Australia, as part of the August 2019 annual conference. This Think-Tank explored the future of agriculture and agricultural industries looking out to 2035. This session was called Ag Futures 2035, and was a two-day deep dive to explore questions including:

  • What might the sector look like in 2035 if we dare to "think the unthinkable"?
  • How will production, processing, value-adding and marketing be integrated across the State and internationally?
  • Will ecosystem services be a valued agricultural 'output'?
  • How will farmed food compete with the factory kind?
  • What will be the balance of small and large enterprises?
  • How much can agribusiness grow the Western Australian Economy?
  • How can you position yourself to be part of this bright and exciting future and what human and technological capabilities must your organisation develop to maximise success in a rapidly changing world?

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ partnered with the Australian Institute of Agriculture to design and facilitate the Think-Tank. Specific work included:

    • Designing and conducting the ‘Ag Futures 2035 Think-Tank’
    • Undertaking an analysis of key drivers shaping the future of the sector
    • Exploration of the key ‘Future Splitting Questions’
    • Facilitation of the development of a range of plausible scenarios
    • Production of Foresight report from the Think-Tank deliberations

Additional Resources and More Information