Future of Agriculture, Western Australia (2019)

Future of Agriculture, Western Australia (2019)

Exploring future scenarios for the Western Australian food and agricultural industries

Project Overview

The Australian Institute of Agriculture is a professional association of Agricultural Scientists and other industry leaders. Future iQ partnered with the Institute to host a Think-Tank in Perth Western Australia, as part of the August 2019 annual conference. This Think-Tank explored the future of agriculture and agricultural industries looking out to 2035. This session was called Ag Futures 2035, and was a two-day deep dive to explore questions including:

  • What might the sector look like in 2035 if we dare to "think the unthinkable"?
  • How will production, processing, value-adding and marketing be integrated across the State and internationally?
  • Will ecosystem services be a valued agricultural 'output'?
  • How will farmed food compete with the factory kind?
  • What will be the balance of small and large enterprises?
  • How much can agribusiness grow the Western Australian Economy?
  • How can you position yourself to be part of this bright and exciting future and what human and technological capabilities must your organisation develop to maximise success in a rapidly changing world?

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ partnered with the Australian Institute of Agriculture to design and facilitate the Think-Tank. Specific work included:

    • Designing and conducting the ‘Ag Futures 2035 Think-Tank’
    • Undertaking an analysis of key drivers shaping the future of the sector
    • Exploration of the key ‘Future Splitting Questions’
    • Facilitation of the development of a range of plausible scenarios
    • Production of Foresight report from the Think-Tank deliberations

Additional Resources and More Information