The Greater Lima Region, Ohio, USA (2016-17)

The Greater Lima Region, Ohio, USA (2016-17)

Creating a collaborative action plan for an important defense-based region

Project Overview

The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC) is the only US Government owned facility in the United States with the infrastructure to fabricate, assemble, and test heavy combat vehicles. The facility’s wide range of capabilities set the stage for a process of complete vertical integration. The Allen County Board of Commissioners received a planning grant from the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment to support economic and workforce planning, industry realignment and supply chain analysis. Future iQ were contracted in 2015, to lead the implementation of Phase One of this project. In 2016, Future iQ were again contracted to lead the second phase of this planning project. This second phase has involved developing an executable Collaborative Growth plan, in order to strengthen the existing eco system related to the JSMC, the supply chain and other aspects of the Greater Lima Regional Economy.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Expansion of the Allen County regional network platform to include interactive interrogation and real time updates for up to 500 entities.
  • Production of a comprehensive gap analysis of the region involving detailed examination of the regional economy and supply chain associated with JSMC and supplier networks
  • Analysis of local product innovation opportunities and needs, involving a comprehensive analysis of the existing local processes that drive innovation, and in collaboration with local stakeholders development of models to drive future product innovation opportunities.
  • Creation of an Allen County plan for Collaborative Growth in order to examine capacity of existing organizational structures and networks to implement regional growth plans.
  • Facilitation of the development of a community action response team.

Additional Resources and More Information

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