Kewaunee Regional Planning, Wisconsin, USA (2013)

Kewaunee Regional Planning, Wisconsin, USA (2013)

Providing regional planning to Kewaunee County after closure of nuclear power station

Project Overview

The regional planning work was conducted as part of the rapid response to the announced closure of the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station in early 2013. The power station was the largest employer in Kewaunee County. This closure was anticipated to have significant local economic impact, including the loss of approximately 650 full time jobs. An economic impact study (March 2013), forecast direct economic impact to labor income in the region of over $70 million, and a total impact of over $630 million dollars to the three County region. The Kewaunee County and the Manitowoc Economic Development Corporations initiated the planning process to address the economic future of the region. While the plant closure had obvious short-term impacts, it was determined that the response from the local economic development organizations should include consideration of the longer (5-20 year) economic future of the region.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Regional Planning process including over 400 stakeholders and citizens.
  • Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station Closure – Impact Survey to 366 respondents.
  • Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station – Scenario Planning Survey.
  • 2 day Scenario Planning Workshop with over 30 leaders and stakeholders.
  • Action Planning Survey.
  • Focus group Meetings with over 40 stakeholders.
  • Production of Scenario Planning report, ‘Views Of The Future: Kewaunee, Manitowoc And Brown Counties’.
  • Production of Regional Action Plan,’ Aligning The Region For Economic Success’.
Kewaunee Cattle Ranchers Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station Future-iQ conducts Focus Groups in Kewaunee Future-iQ conducts Scenario Planning Workshop

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