Bethel Area Tourism Development, Maine USA (2019-20)

Bethel Area Tourism Development, Maine USA (2019-20)

Sustainable Recreation Tourism Destination Development in Bethel Area, Maine, USA

Project Overview

The Maine Woods Consortium, The Northern Forest Center and the Maine Office of Tourism have partnered to deliver a series of Tourism Community Destination Academies across the Maine Woods region. A Community Destination Academy (CDA) is a tourism product development and destination planning program, customized to the needs of a specific destination area. The overall goals of the Maine Community Destination Academy are to:

  • Develop working cohorts of business, non-profit, and municipal leaders in high potential Rural Destination Areas.
  • Build a common set of skills and knowledge for successful, long-term sustainable destination development.
  • Deliver technical and financial assistance for implementation of local destination development projects identified as priorities by program participants.
  • Build confidence and a track record of successful collaborative project implementation as a foundation for ongoing product development and marketing.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Destination Development is the long-term process of convening a group of dedicated leaders to pursue and implement a common vision and strategic plan that will lead to a community that is positive economically, environmentally and socially. Future iQ has been contracted to develop and deliver a customized CDA curriculum to meet local stakeholders needs. The Bethel Area CDA includes the following components:

    • Review of trends shaping recreation and outdoor tourism
    • Exploring sustainable tourism trends and potential
    • Scenario planning to explore plausible futures and local impacts
    • Exploring high-touch and high-service tourism product development
    • Potential in emerging markets, both domestic and international
    • Key strategies to build a sustainable destination
    • Future Planning in Destination Development Process

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