Mid Iowa Growth Partnership, Iowa, USA (2010)

Mid Iowa Growth Partnership, Iowa, USA (2010)

Developing an economic strategic plan for Mid Iowa

Project Overview

Mid Iowa Growth Partnership (MIGP) was designated a regional collaborative by the State of Iowa in mid 2005. MIGP consists of nine counties located in north-central Iowa, with a population of 175,000 and a potential labor force of over 300,000. In 2009 MIGP received a $250,000 regional planning grant through the Department of Labor-Employment and Training Administration (DOL, ETA). This 18 month grant was used to develop a regional economic and strategic plan. The Regional Innovation Grant was used to gather outside resources on a larger scale by identifying and reaching out to a broader audience and engaging with them . The work included SWOT analysis, asset mapping, economic studies, scenario planning and social network mapping.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Design and facilitation of the MIGP Scenario Planning workshop, with over 100 participants from across the region representing business, education, workforce development, philanthropy, and economic development. It also included stakeholders beyond the immediate region.
  • Community engagement sessions in Iowa Falls, Humboldt and Emmetsburg.
  • Design and facilitation for Entrepreneurial cluster sessions as part of the regional Process.
  • Production of Community Engagement and Scenario Planning reports.
SWOT Analysis Asset Mapping Road through Mid-Iowa Workforce in factory

Additional Resources and More Information