Mount Pierre Station, Western Australia (2013)

Mount Pierre Station, Western Australia (2013)

Undertaking long term planning in the remote Kimberley region in Western Australia

Project Overview

Mt Pierre Cattle Station is an aboriginal owned and operated enterprise, located in the upper reaches of the Fitzroy River Catchment in the West Kimberley Region of Western Australia. The property is over 200,000 hectares (500,000 acres) and has the potential to run between 5,000-8,000 cattle, making it a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The Indigenous Land Corporation of Australia provided a grant to Mt Pierre Cattle Station to undertake a long term planning exercise. This plan included aspects of landscape management, herd modeling, economic diversification and staff training. The station employs a manager and seasonal stockmen. The lands owned by the Station represent the traditional lands of the associated families, and hence are culturally significant and important. Undertaking property planning in this environment requires critical skills in:

  • Rangeland (landscape) management expertise.
  • Sensitivity to culturally important traditions.
  • Indigenous corporation governance and management.
  • Economic and industry development expertise.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ was contracted to undertake the planning process in 2013, having undertaken the original property planning for this Cattle Station in 1992. The key components of the future action planning and engagement process included:

    • Extensive interviews with Company Directors and Shareholders.
    • Open community sessions and discussions.
    • Preparation of documentary video.
    • Preparation and presentation of long term property management plan.
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