Oregon Regional Tourism Planning, USA (2015-2016)

Oregon Regional Tourism Planning, USA (2015-2016)

Long term regional tourism planning across Oregon, USA

Project Overview

Travel Oregon is an agency that works to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Oregon by strengthening the economic impacts of the state’s $10.3 billion tourism industry. Travel Oregon is currently embarking upon a regional tourism planning process, which will:

  • Influence the scope of programming including destination development and industry and personnel capacity building.
  • Develop consistent strategic planning methodology across the regions within Oregon.
  • Increase stakeholder engagement, by developing novel and unique approaches that will build input from industry stakeholders.
  • Better connect the regional stakeholders to the Travel Oregon marketing program and create a new-shared strategic planning framework that links the State’s regions into a cohesive model.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Development of regional tourism planning framework, connecting regional plans together and linking them to the overall Travel Oregon strategic plan.
  • Creation of a virtual data visualization-planning platform to observe priorities and progress in each region across Oregon.
  • Convening of local and Statewide Round Tables with regional tourism groups and stakeholders.
  • Conduct regional strategic planning sessions in each regional location.
  • Produce strategic vision and action plan for each region, in relation to the overall planning framework.
Beautiful creek in Oregon. Ocean meets forrest and mountains in Oregon.