Palliser Futures Project, Alberta, Canada (2009)

Palliser Futures Project, Alberta, Canada (2009)

Long term regional planning in South East Alberta, Canada

Project Overview

Palliser Economic Partnership (PEP) is a regional consortium of local entities in South East Alberta, Canada. PEP and Future iQ worked together in 2009, with the people of the region to create a common vision and the long-term structures that systemically would promote future thinking and action. The purpose was to create a regional plan to support the growth of communities within Southeast Alberta. This work was funded and supported by the Government of Alberta. The Regional Director of economic development, Elvira Smid, won the 2011 Alberta Economic Developer of the Year, in recognition of her innovative approach.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Design and Facilitation of Palliser Scenario Planning workshop.
  • Production of unique social network maps for the region.
  • Development of a unique version of The FutureGame – Prairie Canada, set in hypothetical part of this region.
  • Production of long-term regional plan.
Unique social netwrok maps a unique version of The FutureGame – Prairie Canada Farmers teaching young men in prairie Grain silo in Canada.

Additional Resources and More Information