Park City Vision 2020, Utah, USA (2019-2021)

Park City Vision 2020, Utah, USA (2019-2021)

Creating A Community Roadmap to the future.

Project Overview

Park City is a vibrant and famous city, located 30 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah. Park City is celebrated as both the home of the annual Sundance Film Festival and for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics. The population of Park City is estimated at 8,378 (2018 figures) however the tourist population greatly exceeds the number of permanent residents. Park City’s aesthetic appeal, coupled with its reputation as a major ski destination and the annual Sundance festival continues to attract a growing number of tourists.

Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) is undertaking a community visioning project throughout 2019, in order to define through extensive community engagement and dialogue the Park City Community Vision and Action Plan.

The Park City visioning and strategic planning process aims to provide a response to the following questions:

  • What makes Park City the place that people wish to call home and how do the individual aspects of people and neighborhoods intersect to create a place where people live, work, visit and recreate?
  • What makes Park City special and what should Park City become?
  • What are the tangible and intangible elements of the community that, if lost, would fundamentally change the character of Park City

The results of this process will set the framework for future land use, economic, social, and environmental decisions. A key goal of this process is to help the community articulate tangible and intangible elements that, if lost, would fundamentally change the character of Park City The City’s goal is to clearly define a vision for the Park City community that can serve as a blueprint for growth over the next decade.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ has been contracted to guide Park City in the process of creating a new Community Vision and Action Plan that involves:

    • Facilitation of a scenario-based Park City Future Think-Tank producing a Scenarios of the Future Report
    • Extensive community stakeholder engagement including workshops and focus groups
    • Extensive Think-Tank and Community Surveys
    • Data analysis and visualization presented on Future iQ’s Lab Portal
    • Vision validation through a Think-Tank Reconvene
    • Focus Groups to develop action steps
    • Production of the Park City Community Vision and Action Plan

Additional Resources and More Information

Project Videos

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