Prince Edward Island, Canada (2010-2011)

Prince Edward Island, Canada (2010-2011)

Future Visioning on Prince Edward Island

Project Overview

Prince Edward Island is one of eastern Canada's maritime provinces, off the coasts of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Gulf of the St. Lawrence River. In 2010 Future iQ started work on a long term future planning process with over 250 local citizens. The planning process highlighted a number of important perspectives to be considered when planning for the future of this island. These included:

  • A strong focus on local self-sufficiency and sustainability with a desire for the Island to coalesce as a strong community that develops its networks, approaches and models for local empowerment, community engagement and the building of a culture of self-determination.
  • The reputation and obvious charm of the natural landscape, and the potential to further harness this natural resource base with innovative approaches to value adding; renewable energy projects, food self-sufficiency and tourism.

Photos provided by Tourism PEI: Carrie Gregory, Stephen DesRoches, John Sylvester, Stephen Harris

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Production of the Prince Edward Island Scenario Planning Report (2011).
  • Scenario Planning workshop, ‘‘Working Together Prince Edward Island’ with participation from over 100 citizens (2011).
  • Network Mapping, focused on examining the structure of the island’s working relationships and the informal connections of its citizens (2011).
  • Introduction to Future Thinking with the Future Game, as a prelude to the longer term planning process (2010).
Prince Edward Island - Gulf of the St. Lawrence River Network Mapping - Prince Edward Island Kayakers in the St. Lawrence River Local self-sufficent sustainability

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