The Future Game – The REZ (2010)

The Future Game – The REZ (2010)

Using simulation learning across the Northern American Reservations

Project Overview

The Future Game – The REZ has been modeled on a Native American Tribal reservation. This game is set in a landscape that includes features typical of Great Plains areas with open plains country, forested hills and man-made lakes and streams. The area portrayed includes Reservation country and communities; and border communities and businesses and services, typically associated with this part of the world. The game lays out decision-making challenges such as:

  • Balancing cultural and economic demands
  • Investment and management of tribal funds and resources
  • Providing community services and support
  • Local economic development and investment strategies

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • The Future Game – The REZ was developed by David Beurle, of Future iQ.
  • This game is based on detailed community discussions and scenario planning from across Minnesota, North and South Dakota, USA.
  • These sessions involved some 3,000 people from 8 reservations and over 40 focus group sessions.
Road that leads through reservation country. Bison grazing the REZ - The Future Game - The REZ Water through the REZ. The Future Game – The REZ A bison on the REZ. The Future Game – The REZ