The Netherlands Study Tour (2012)

The Netherlands Study Tour (2012)

Bringing together global practitioners to experience regional development in The Netherlands

Project Overview

Global practitioners from the areas of economic and regional development took part in The Netherlands Study Tour, in 2012, in order to examine regional development across The Netherlands and to exchange global best practices. The Tour followed on from the Global Think Tank ‘Building sustainable regional communities in today’s world’, held at Windsor Castle, UK. The three main objectives to the study tour programme were:

  • Experiencing current affairs in regional development and exchanging of views on how these related to the Windsor Castle consultation's major themes, regarding sustainability and communities.
  • Collecting impressions of the visited region by experts in order to reflect on ongoing developments and regional issues.
  • Ascertaining how the participants' expertise and the outcomes of the consultation might be of help for local communities within the visited area to build their future.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Design of The Netherlands Study Tour.
  • Funding and hosting of the event.
  • Partnership with colleagues in The Netherlands, in order to create an appropriate itinerary for the practitioners.
  • Production of The Netherlands Study Tour Report -Regional developments in the peri-urban Rotterdam area.
Shipments coming into the Netherlands. Regional development - Manufacturing in the Netherlands The Netherlands - Green Manufacturing Regional Manucturing in the Netherlands

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