US Federal Government (2007-2010)

US Federal Government (2007-2010)

Engaging innovative methodologies to government funded US planning initiatives

Project Overview

Future iQ has worked extensively with various Departments of the U.S. Federal Government since 2007. The Department of Labor (Employment and Training Authority – ETA) and US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have directly, and indirectly, funded this wide scope of projects. In addition, numerous presentations have been made at conferences and workshops sponsored by these Departments. The Future Game has been used extensively with longer term regional planning processes. Many of the projects with the U.S. Federal Government have been carried out in collaboration with Future iQ’s strategic partners, Maher and Maher.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Legislative Agricultural Chairs Summit VIII (2010) - keynote presentation on Rural Development.
  • Scenario Planning SE Arkansas (2010)
  • Regional Planning Mid-Iowa Growth Partnership (2009-2010) – Scenario Planning, Community engagement sessions, facilitation for Entrepreneurial cluster, and Future Game session facilitation.
  • The Future Game (2008) – The Department of Labor (ETA) contracted for the provision of multiple Future Game kits and training modules for use in regional adjustment work across the USA.
  • Conferences and Workshops (2007-2009) :
    • Oklahoma (2009) – Facilitated the Future Game with a Regional planning consortium, as part of their preparation for a regional innovation grant.
    • Baltimore (2009) – Presented workshops on regional case studies and the Future Game at an ETA hosted workforce development conference.
    • Southeastern Employment Training Association (SETA -2009) – Delivered Future Game workshop sessions to the regional workforce and employment conference in Kentucky, USA.
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