The Future Game

The Future Game – Videos

Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico – April 2015

The Monterrey Institute of Technology used Future iQ’s Future Game in a number of sessions with their students in April 2015. 

VLM Consultores, Portugal – July 2014

Future iQ Partners recently played the Future Game with VLM Consultores in Aveiro, Portugal

Dutch Future Society, The Netherlands – July 2013

More than thirty futurists gathered in Kasteel Groeneveld Baarn to play The Future Game with Future IQ. In 1,5 hours we went through 18 years of decision making for regional development of a fictional area. Afterwards there was a thorough discussion on the game and its impact on a planning process. 

The Future Game Corporate Promotional Video – May 2013

Future iQ Partners: The Future Game – Corporate Edition, Introduction

The Future Game – How it Works – May 2013

This is a short educational video on how The Future Game works – by David Beurle, with interviews taken from a Future Game session in New York in 2013

The Future Game, Taranto, Italy – March 2013

A short clip of The Future Game being played with a group of young innovators and entrepreneurs in Taranto, ltaly last week. This was a very successful session, facilitated by David Beurle of Future iQ Partners, with translator, Gabriella Mastrangelo.

Future West Cork, Ireland – August 2011

Future West Cork is a local initiative, inviting communities, business leaders, key organisations and citizens to come together to align a broad shared vision and discuss how the region can take collective action towards reaching its shared goals.