Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Washington, D.C., USA (2018)

Rural Community Assistance Partnership, Washington, D.C., USA (2018)

A Nationwide Approach to Strategic Visioning and Planning

Project Overview

The Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) is a national network of non-profit organizations working to ensure that small, rural and tribal communities throughout the United States have access to resources, tools, and technical help that create capacity and opportunity for economic prosperity. Founded in 1973, RCAP's legacy has been supporting the most basic of necessities in rural communities, particularly access to and support of clean, safe drinking water and wastewater systems. RCAP is beginning a new era of expansion, looking to more cohesively help address capacity issues in rural communities while elevating the story of rural America today. Future iQ has been engaged to provide strategic visioning and planning guidance that will serve to strengthen and build existing nationwide capacity of the organization as well as provide a roadmap to new opportunities for growth in the future. The new 3-Year Strategic Action Plan aims to create a more holistic approach to assisting rural communities through a comprehensive, data-driven, and participatory process.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ has been engaged by RCAP to develop an organizational vision and strategic action plan that will include:

    • Benchmark Analysis, including comparable and aspirational organizations
    • Facilitation of the RCAP Future Think Tank Workshop and Scenarios of the Future Report
    • Community and partner engagement
    • Pre and Post-Think Tank community and partner surveys
    • Detailed data collection, analysis and data visualization on Future iQ's Lab Portal
    • Production of the RCAP 3-Year Strategic Action Plan

Project Videos

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