Organisational and Corporate Planning

Organisational and Corporate Planning

Helping Organisations Build Clear Strategic Vision and Align Teams

Future iQ® works with organisations and corporations to help build clear strategic vision and align resources to support effective action. Our project portfolio includes organisations such as Universities; Not-for-profit groups; Industry Associations; Governments, and Corporations. Future iQ develops highly customised tools and approaches to help such organisations target and build their ‘future-thinking’ capacity; bring transparency to their internal systems; and, then build actionable strategic plans.

Simulation Learning

Map Organisational Networks

Strategic Action Planning

“Future iQ’s work with us laid the foundation for fundamental change in how the University of Idaho engages with the state. From the scenario planning workshops — and the voices of almost 200 faculty staff and administrators from across the state — emerged a vision for regional engagement across a seamless system of people, programs and facilities. The core UI team has since taken major steps towards achieving this vision. Our regional campuses are working with Extension in entirely new ways, our students are learning in and with communities, and we are re-structuring to promote more cross functional and multi disciplinary relationships.”
Doug Baker, Provost, University of Idaho, USA

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