Defense Sector Engagement

Defense Sector Engagement

Working With Regional Defense Industry Related Economies

Future iQ® works on regional defense industry related economic adjustment projects funded by the Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC), USA Department of Defense. These projects assist regional economies respond to changes in defense industry contracts. Such large contract changes can often result in significant impacts on the local workforce and economic activity. Future iQ works with key stakeholders to examine the local economic and workforce systems, and develop strategies to drive greater diversification and innovation, and build local resilience and collaboration.

Detailed Economic Analysis

Develop Strategic Response

Local Action Plan

“Future iQ are very good at dealing with federal contracts, and working through the red tape, policies and rules. They have a deep knowledge of the Department of Defense, and don’t have to go through a learning curve – they just produce an excellent outcome for the community.”
Denny Glenn, Project Manager, DoD Community Assistance Program, Allen County, Ohio, USA

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