FutureiQ Mapper™ – Network and Supply Chain Mapping

Network and Supply Chain Mapping
That Builds Connectivity and Collaboration

Our network and supply chain mapping service allows you to analyse interactive maps and quickly identify critical patterns and dynamics within your network.

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FutureiQ Mapper is a customised network and supply chain service provided by Future iQ®. Future iQ analyses networks within communities, regions, organisations and supply chains. It provides you with interactive maps that reveal information flows, patterns of collaboration, and supply chain dynamics. It highlights the strengths and vulnerabilities within your network, as well as identifying key network hubs. This allows for targeted intervention.


FutureiQ Mapper identifies the key connections and gaps in the network, exposing the critical issues that impede success.

Responsive and Agile

This unique service enables individuals and organisations to understand and use the maps.


FutureiQ Mapper stimulates innovation, increased information flows and collaboration through the formation of intelligent networks.

Targeted Intervention

Based on your network maps, Future iQ provides a targeted intervention strategy which enhances your strategic success and competitive advantage.

A Diverse Portfolio Building Collaboration and Connectivity

Future iQ is a market leader in network mapping, having pioneered the application of this methodology in regional planning. More than 8,000 key stakeholders have been engaged throughout regional, industry, government, community and corporate sectors.

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Over 8000 key stakeholders 'mapped'
Over 20 high-level industry, regional and organisational mapping projects
5 Countries – across 3 Continents – have used our FutureMap Methodology

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Network Mapping Methodology That Explores Previously Invisible Networks

FutureiQ Mapper allows stakeholders to build and use interactive network and supply chain maps. The maps are used to identify key network roles, such as who are the Influencers; Connectors; Brokers; Networkers and Resource hubs. They highlight the strengths and gaps in the system, and allow you to directly identify how to achieve optimum levels of collaboration and connectivity.

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