Industry Planning and Analysis

Industry Planning and Analysis

Helping Plan for the Future through Industry Analysis

Future iQ® has unique experience in primary and secondary industry analysis and strategic planning, having completed over 40 major planning projects. Our work spans a broad range of industry sectors including manufacturing; maritime; tourism; mining; timber; grain; horticulture and livestock. Working within these sectors requires the capacity to undertake unique research with diverse stakeholders, understand important emerging trends and connect supply chain members. Future iQ uses specialised methodology to gain deep insights into industry dynamics and explore future options, and we help industry leadership teams craft viable long-term plans.

Conduct Unique Research

Assess Strategic Options

Clear Action Plans

“The process that Future iQ led us through has created an amazing change in the way that our leaders think about and plan for the future. For the first time in our history, we have the County and all four of the Cities willing to work together to solve regional issues. Already we are seeing some very solid results from our teams and their ability to brainstorm to solve complex issues with creative solutions.”
Pam Borda, Executive Director, Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority, USA

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