North Oaks Home Owners’ Association, Minnesota, USA (2019)

North Oaks Home Owners’ Association, Minnesota, USA (2019)

Identifying opportunities, challenges and priorities as the North Oaks Home Owners’ Association plans for the future.

Project Overview

North Oaks Home Owners’ Association (NOHOA) is a private, planned residential community located 10 miles north of St. Paul, Minnesota, covering approximately 5,739 of rolling wooded hills. North Oaks currently has over 1,800 homes, townhomes, and condominiums/apartments, with an estimated population of 5,000. The development plan preserves the natural beauty of the area, leaving much of the topography, drainage, woodlands, and wetlands undisturbed by roads and homes. Winding roads, cul-de-sacs, the absence of sidewalks, and the limited use of streetlights contribute to the privacy, peacefulness, and seclusion of the area.

In 2012, NOHOA conducted a Community Survey to learn about association members’ perspectives in three areas: NOHOA’s responsibilities, communication resources, and volunteering. The stated purpose of the Survey was to assist NOHOA in planning and performing its duties. The NOHOA Board has decided to conduct an updated Community Survey to benchmark the 2012 survey and gather input on association members’ views of new challenges and opportunities facing the community in preparation for future planning.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    NOHOA has contracted with Future iQ to guide the Board in consideration of relevant current and emerging trends and to facilitate administration of the 2019 Community Survey tool and process. This work will include:

    • Background research on existing planning documents
    • Initial planning call with Board members to understand established strategic directions and identify efforts/progress made towards meeting those objectives
    • Pre-Board meeting survey to collect Board members’ views
    • Facilitation of a 4-hour Board session to explore and understand, current issues and emergent trends, and the potential implications of each for the North Oaks community and NOHOA
    • Develop content for the 2019 Community Survey based on Board discussion outcomes, and combine with existing benchmark content from the 2012 Survey
    • Compilation and implementation of the 2019 NOHOA Community Survey
    • Present 2019 Community Survey results and recommendations in a NOHOA Community Survey Report