Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA (2015-2016)

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, USA (2015-2016)

Creating sustainable management systems for a world class tourism destination

Project Overview

The Columbia River Gorge region has a unique landscape, an active tourism sector and a wide range of activities to offer. Travel Oregon has been working with Future iQ to produce a program to support the destination community in the Columbia River Gorge. The region has significant and well-developed destination products, but the region is suffering significant tourism tension points, driven by high volume congestion at certain periods of the day. The Columbia River Gorge has been chosen by Travel Oregon as a study site, to develop best practice world-class solutions to tourism congestion and related issues, and to build a coordinated regional response plan. This represents an important opportunity for the region to create innovative approaches to what is a problem of national and international significance.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Development and Implementation of high level program support for project Steering Committee.
  • Design and facilitation of a series of community workshops across the region in 2015/16.
  • Extensive Network Mapping process carried out across the Columbia River Gorge region.
  • Design and facilitation of the Gorge Tourism Summit in January 2016.
  • Design and facilitation of the Agri-Culinary workshop.
  • Production of the final Case Study Report.
A school of fish inside the Columbia River Gorge A bridge that connects the Colmbia River Gorge A view of Colombia River Gorge A bridge that goes over water falls.

Additional Resources and More Information