Economics of Collaboration (2015)

Economics of Collaboration (2015)

Building Capacity to Address Future Challenges

Project Overview

This research links together the theory of collaborative behavior, with real world experiences around building collaborative planning and action. Future iQ undertakes planning projects in global settings. Organizations and individuals are coming together to tackle shared issues such as regional economic planning, workforce development and integrated action plans. Collaboration is ‘front and center’ in these discussions. Future iQ’s practical experience and outcomes indicate that stakeholders understand about the importance of collaboration. This report presents analysis from 23 of Future iQ’s major planning exercises, covering a range of industries and across 8 countries over 3 continents. In each case, collaboration is seen as the key driver in shaping future outcomes. This publication is offered as a resource, for people to use in their own work and planning efforts.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • This research was developed by Future iQ to expand upon the work that the company undertakes in global strategic planning and foresight projects.
  • The report provides a framework of theory and practical experience regarding how to build meaningful collaboration.
Researching a map Collaboration planning excercises. Economic collaboration Technology analysis.

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