Flint Hills Regional Council Sustainability Plan & Roadmap Project (2022-2023)

Flint Hills Regional Council Sustainability Plan & Roadmap Project (2022-2023)

Planning for the sustainable future of the Flint Hills Regional Council, Kansas

Project Overview

The Flint Hills Regional Council (FHRC) is embarking on a planning process through late 2022 and early 2023 to produce a 5-year Sustainability Plan to ensure the continuation and expansion of FHRC. This process has been funded by the Dept. of Defense (DoD) Office of Local Defense Community Cooperation (OLDCC). This planning work will strengthen and enhance the organization’s ability to support the Ft. Riley US Army Base’s military mission, the soldiers and their families and the surrounding communities.

The outcome of the project will be the FHRC 5-year Sustainability Plan which will assess the operation and administration of FHRC and prioritize services that FHRC should retain and add that will result in an ongoing and effective partnership with the Ft. Riley US Army Military Base and promote the quality of life and economic progress of the communities, businesses and citizens of the Flint Hills, Kansas.

The project’s objective is to create a five-year sustainability plan for FHRC with an accompanying financial pro forma. The plan will provide a pathway to long-term sustainability consistent with:

  • A mission to proactively identify and respond to opportunities and emerging challenges in the Flint Hills.
  • Review of the long-term viability of the existing mix of programs and services and opportunities in the region, including where there could be a demand for new programs and services. A new revenue source will be identified.
  • Assessment of the stability and modern sensibility of operation of FHRC.
  • Providing effective communication strategies to inform the region and citizens of the FHRC work and benefits.
  • Becoming a resource in grant identification, writing and administration.
  • Promoting in a proactive manner data trends and analyses that define the economic competitiveness and enhanced quality of life for the Flint Hills.
  • Foster a strong, collaborative and effective partnership with Ft. Riley.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    • Stakeholder engagement is the foundation of this planning project. Future iQ is engaging with stakeholders via initial interviews, surveys, a scenario planning Think-Tank, Focus Groups and a Future Summit.
    • Future iQ is working closely with the Flint Hills Regional Council (FHRC) core team on a weekly basis, as well as presenting at the Flint Hills Regional Council (FHRC) Board Meetings.
    • Future iQ is producing a project portal as the ‘go-to’ place for project information and survey data visualization.
    • A communications strategy is being produced for the duration of the project with a social media and marketing toolkit for stakeholders to use to promote the project.
    • The final deliverable from the process will be the Flint Hills Regional Council 5-year Sustainability Plan.

Additional Resources and More Information

Erica Houskeeper | VSJF

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