Lorain County Strategic Action Plan Project (2023-2024)

Lorain County Strategic Action Plan Project (2023-2024)

Producing a comprehensive and sustainable Strategic Action Plan for Lorain County, Ohio

Project Overview

Lorain County is located in the north-eastern portion of Ohio. As of the 2020 Census, the population was 312,964 with the County seat being Elyria. Agriculture dominates the southern area of the County with a large presence of manufacturing and health care industry in the north. The County is well known for its academic institutions and strong business environment., including corporate headquarters and major facilities of global corporations as well as leading-edge start-ups. Over the past number of years, amidst a global pandemic, the County has seen economic growth, enormous investment, job creation and retention and dedication to higher educational attainment and businesses being headquartered in Lorain County.

The Lorain County Board of Commissioners is embarking on a comprehensive and sustainable 5-year Strategic Action Plan, for Lorain County, Ohio. The Lorain County Strategic Action Plan will be used to guide organizational leadership in their planning over the next 5 years. The objective of this strategic planning process is to build on Lorain County’s current success and incorporate new actions to maintain this success over the next 5 years. The focus will be extensive research and community engagement that focuses on County services for users, non-users and stakeholders (including board and staff). This research and engagement will identify the needs and wants, as well as to ways to raise awareness and provide clarification to the community on the scope of services provided by Lorain County Government.

The outcome of this process, running August 2023 through April 2024, will be to produce a robust, comprehensive and sustainable Strategic Action Plan.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    • Future iQ is applying its communications methodology, Future iQ Creative, to unify the messaging and produce a stakeholder engagement and communications plan for this project.
    • FFuture iQ is engaging stakeholders via a two Stakeholder surveys, a Future Think-Tank, Focus Groups, Key Stakeholder interviews, a Strategic Pillar Roundtable Session and Future Summit.
    • Future iQ is working closely with the Steering Group, which represents a broad spectrum of Lorain County stakeholders.
    • Future iQ is producing a project portal as the ‘go-to’ place for project information and survey data visualization. This interactive tool will give transparent feedback to participants engaged in the planning process.
    • Future iQ is providing in-depth research and benchmarking analysis to provide a Benchmark Report.
    • Finally, Future iQ will produce the Loraine County Strategic Plan in late March 2024.

Additional Resources and More Information

Erica Houskeeper | VSJF

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