The Future of Food (2016)

The Future of Food (2016)

Feeding the World – The Coming Food Revolution

Project Overview

The Future of Food has been produced by Future iQ as a foresight research paper. It examines a range of critical catalysts of change relating to the global food supply chain, and the potential impacts upon human health, the environment and food security. With a growing global population, and the draining of many finite resources, it can be argued that we are approaching a new point of crisis. We are faced with a range of converging powerful forces, that are fundamentally redefining how humanity lives. The same forces are reshaping what we eat, and where and how our food will be grown. The Future of Food examines what may occur if food production continues in the manner it has over the past decades. It explores how food production systems are impacting the environment, and how our diet choices are affecting human health on a global scale. It also highlights a new era whereupon consumers are using their power to instigate changes. With the development of revolutionary technology in the food production and processing industries, this all combines to point to an approaching ‘tipping point’ what may be the start of a new global food system.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    • The Future of Food has been developed to expand upon the work that Future iQ undertakes in strategic planning and foresight projects.
    • The aim of this research piece is to extend the practical development of future thinking by exploring real world trends and examples of applied innovative practices in relation to the global food production industry.
    • This publication draws on a depth of scientific research and studies in the areas of Global Population, Food Security, Human Health, Finite Resources, Food Technology, Climate change and changing Consumer Demands.
    • This publication is offered as a resource, for people to consider the overall impact of the current food production system and to explore the ‘coming revolution’ in the way that food is produced and experienced.
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