The Future of Manufacturing (2016)

The Future of Manufacturing (2016)

Building The Future Through Agility And Innovation

Project Overview

The Future of Manufacturing has been produced by Future iQ as a foresight research paper. This paper analyses and discusses the key trends that are impacting the global manufacturing sector. Manufacturing products and processes have witnessed a near-constant evolution over the last three hundred years. Beginning with the first organized mass production of textiles in Europe in the early eighteenth century to the currently developing innovations, such as the Internet of Things and robotics, the global economy has become increasingly defined by the trade of goods produced in factories of all sizes. Success in the development of an advanced manufacturing sector has been synonymous with a nation or state ascending to “first-world” status, but is now even more critical to maintain that standing. Future iQ believes that manufacturing is on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution driven by a series of shifts in consumer driven markets, technology, workforce and sustainability. To prosper, manufacturers, and associated economies must continue to grow and adapt at ever increasing speed and intensity. Many of the innovative processes and practices outlined in this report will prove pivotal to future success.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • The Future of Manufacturing has been developed to expand upon the work that Future iQ undertakes in strategic planning and foresight projects.
  • The aim of this research piece is to extend the practical development of future thinking by exploring real world trends and examples of applied innovative practices in relation to the global manufacturing industry.
  • This publication draws on a depth of scientific research and studies in the areas of smart manufacturing, access to resources, markets driving the manufacturing industry, the manufacturing workforce of the future and factories of the future.
  • The publication addresses which products will be produced in the future, how they will be produced and where they will be produced.
  • This publication is offered as a resource, for people to consider the future of the manufacturing industry and the possibility of a fourth industrial revolution.
Assmebly line, robotic manufacturing of products Robotic manufacturing of products Manufacturing by 3D printing. Solar panels, advacned manufactuing.

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