Greater Mankato 2040, Minnesota, USA (2021-2023)

Greater Mankato 2040, Minnesota, USA (2021-2023)

Regional planning for the Greater Mankato Region

Project Overview

The ‘Transforming Tomorrow Together- Greater Mankato 2040’ initiative is a robust, and forward-looking regional community planning process. We are exploring the future strategic positioning of the Greater Mankato region and creating an enduring vision and roadmap to the future. This initiative is focused on Strategic Foresight and Strategic Positioning for the future of the region. It will explore where and how the region can fit into a rapidly changing world.

The project is taking a ‘future view’ and building a vision out to 2040 and beyond. It aims to understand how we need to evolve as an inclusive regional community. The planning work runs through 2023 and will be engaging with people and communities across the region, including residents, students, industry groups and sectors, organizations, and external stakeholders. This planning builds on previous community planning as part of the Greater Mankato Envision 2020 community planning initiative. This was a highly effective effort that has brought regional stakeholders together in a strong collaborative approach over the past 10 years. The plan has now reached its sunset and there is strong support for a new planning effort with a refreshed vision and renewed initiative to account for the changes in the world and the region.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ is facilitating the development of a new regional vision and action plan for the Greater Mankato Region looking out to 2040. Key features of the project and Future iQ’s role includes:

    • The regional planning work utilizes Future iQ’s scenario planning methodology involving a large-scale participatory process with community members and key stakeholders.
    • Future iQ works closely with the project’s Working Group to guide project direction and oversee project activities. The Working Group is made up of a broad cross-section of community members, businesses, nonprofits, and public organizations.
    • The planning process is committed to engaging with and listening carefully to all voices in the Greater Mankato regional community as it seeks to understand its regional positioning and vision for the future.
    • The work on this project includes creating a project portal, including the unique branding and project logo.
    • The Greater Mankato regional planning process lasts approximately 12 months and includes extensive community engagement including a Think-Tank, visioning workshops, interviews, focus groups and a Future Summit.
    • The project will produce a Regional Action Plan that guides the Greater Mankato Region and area leadership for the next ten years.

Learn more about this Project. Visit the Future iQ Research Laboratory.