The Mahoosuc Way Pledge, Maine, USA (2020-22)

The Mahoosuc Way Pledge, Maine, USA (2020-22)

Creating a pledge to enhance sustainable tourism and preserving quality of life and community vitality

Project Overview

The Mahoosuc region is a working landscape in Western Maine, that has a strong and historic tourism industry. The region’s natural resources have provided exceptional recreational enjoyment to both locals and visitors. In the Mahoosuc Region it is important to build a mutually respectful relationship between local communities and the visitation industry.

This is a particularly important aspect of sustainable tourism principles, where residents’ needs are respected, and they appreciate the benefits that they will derive in the long term. However, like in many rural destinations, the true economic impact of tourism is not well appreciated and is often underestimated. Closing this gap in understanding and appreciation is important to create the Mahoosucs as a healthy destination and place to live.

The Mahoosuc Way pledge enables the region to communicate their community values to newcomers and visitors. At the heart of the values, is a desire for a collective action to ensure the preservation of this unique place. This endeavor has created a visitor facing website which introduces visitors to the values of the Mahoosuc region and addresses how visitors can be part of the solution to ‘over-tourism’ and how to contribute to the Mahoosuc region when they visit. The notion of respect to the landscape and to each other has been key to how the Mahoosuc region operates. This is what is known as ‘The Mahoosuc Way’.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

    Future iQ has been working with the Mahoosuc region for nearly two years. The initial work included the Community Destination Academy, supported by the Maine Office of Tourism and the Northern Forest Center. Future iQ has also worked on this project to produce the Mahoosuc Way “Embrace Our Place” Pledge. Future iQ brought together strategic partners CrossCurrent Collective and Align Multimedia, to undertake the branding and pledge development work. The aim is to position the greater Mahoosuc region as a sustainable travel destination through strategy development, branding and marketing of the Mahoosuc Sustainable Tourism Pledge.

    Work included:

    • Assistance with the development and refinement of a sustainable tourism marketing strategy
    • Finalizing the Pledge name and language
    • Production of a pledge logo and graphic design look and feel
    • Design and production of a new Mahoosuc Sustainable Tourism website
    • Development and launch of a digital marketing campaign to engage targeted market segments

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