Volunteer Alberta Network Mapping, Alberta, Canada (2014)

Volunteer Alberta Network Mapping, Alberta, Canada (2014)

Mapping the voluntary and non-profit organizations across Alberta, Canada

Project Overview

Volunteer Alberta, in conjunction with the Community Engagement branch of Alberta Culture and Tourism, conducted a pilot project mapping the voluntary and non-profit organizations in the Volunteer Alberta network. The process was used to create a better understanding of the scope, scale and needs of organizations in Alberta’s non-profit/voluntary sector. Using Future iQ’s People Link process, interactive network maps were produced to show relationships, information flows, network gaps and potential opportunities for collaboration. The visual representation of the network was created from data collected from a group of 388 organizations via an online questionnaire. Understanding how relationships exist within the Volunteer Alberta network would increase collaboration, improve service and define new ways to measure success.

Future iQ®'s Role in this Project

  • Design of network mapping survey for 388 participating organizations.
  • Production of in depth interactive maps.
  • Creation of the Volunteer Alberta Network Mapping Platform – a self learning tool with instructional videos and resources, to aid the most constructive analysis of the maps.
  • Production of Volunteer Alberta Network Mapping Report, with outcomes and recommendations.
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